Web Development


I am a game designer with eight years of experience programming in C++ and working within Unity 3D. I have been designing and programming games as a hobby for 6+ years, and made my first attempt at commercial game development at the end of 2011. Much of my time is spent developing websites and working on my own personal projects/businesses.

Web Development

Doki Doki Desu / Kawaii Crate

Founder - Los Angeles, CA
May 2014 - now

  • Web Development
  • Online Marketing
  • Business Development
  • Customer Service

At my company, Doki Doki Desu, I manage all of our online communications and development. At 1.5 years of operation, we’ve been successful and growing fast within our niche.


Tech Management Specialist - Chino, CA
May 2012 - now

  • Data Management
  • Online Marketing
  • Web Development
  • E-commerce

At ZOOSHOO I work as IT, being solely responsible for implementing new features into the website as well as develop new tools and for use by our business development team.

Cybercow Games

Founder & Lead Programmer - Pomona, CA
January 2011 - March 2013

  • Project Management
  • Tools Developement
  • Application/Game Programming
  • Game Design

I worked as Project Manager and Lead Programmer for our development team (3 programmers, 2 artists, and 1 sound designer.) We were developing a mobile, free-to-play game with minor micro-transactions as our first game as a formal company, designed by myself and Markise Gladney.


Package Data Manager - Goleta, CA
March 2010 - May 2012

  • Technical Support
  • Data Correction
  • Excel Work
  • And More Stuff

At UPS I was the youngest at my hub hired to a management position. I worked within a team of 4 to manage operations during the early morning rush.

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